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“Love and Heartbreak” Storytelling Event in NYC

“Love and Heartbreak” Storytelling Event in NYC

topic: EVENT medium: PHOTO In February 2010, PenTales Storytellers gathered to share perspectives on “Love and Heartbreak.” Stories included “On First Kisses” by Nick Schonberger, “John Held Margot Close” by Will Carlough, “Let’s Wear Burlap Sacks Forever” by Stephanie Hodges, “Lunch Break” by Mary Kate Burke, “Revisions of a Letter […]

Smelly Home, Smelly Home by Mary Kate Burke

Okay, so you’re trying to make a home out of wherever you are. It can be a ridiculously random room you’ve rented by virtue of being a student or a dump you’d like to think of as a secret treasure land. Your efforts are applauded. Mary Kate Burke is one […]

PenTales Book #20

PenTales  started out as a small narrative experiment: We handed 20 empty notebooks to 20 friends, and asked them each to start a story. Many such books are now traveling the world as each storyteller passes the book on to someone new to continue their story. These are pages from […]

“Lunch Break” by Mary Kate Burke, NYC

topic: LOVE AND HEARTBREAK medium: TEXT It always smelt like some kind of Greek diner cum protein shake joint. In that building on 72nd—off Broadway. Something very Upper West Side. But then again, wasn’t my new extracurricular apropos to the hood? The contemporary equivalent of a 17th Century fashion for […]