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PenTales4; an Event in Paris

topic: EVENT medium: TEXT, AUDIO     Stories: “Josefa González Espilco” by Warwick Wise “Freedom” by Helen Percival “El Carcel de amor, or, The Prison of Love*” by Olivia Salazar-Winspear “Freedom” by Catherine Nicholson Two Freedom Poems by Fiona Cameron “Freedom” by Jo and a song: “Run, Run by Flo”    

Two Freedom Poems by Fiona Cameron, Paris

Two Freedom Poems by Fiona Cameron, Paris

topic: NEW FRONTIERS medium: TEXT, AUDIO as shared at a PenTales event in Paris Listen to the Story! Freedom #1 From darkness, to LIGHT And 24 hours of freedom. We dance, we fly, we fuck like crazy, and then we die. FREEDOM#2 Lifted high, and lowered to the ground…. she […]

“The Start of the Affair” by Fiona Cameron, Paris

LOVE & HEARTBREAK In the middle of a dinner that was billed as a quiet meal with a distant old family friend, his mood suddenly shifts. He takes on a serious tone: “I dreamt of you last night.” I laugh nervously and he continues: “You were standing on a hill, […]