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Event: Photos from the PenTales event at ReTramp Gallery, Berlin

topic: DREAMS medium: Photos A rainy Saturday afternoon set the stage for the Pentales Evening at Retramp Gallery. All around the area, bars, galleries, and shops stayed open for the annual 48 Stunden Neukölln arts and culture festival. Many curious faces peered through the large storefront window, wiping at condensation […]

Final Instructions by Inna Selipanov (Berlin)

Final Instructions by Inna Selipanov (Berlin)

DREAMS   I like to attend funerals. Some people like balls and parties, some like weddings; but not me, I much prefer sadder gatherings. I like to practice, you see, for when my turn comes. I’m a perfectionist. I want to die properly, correctly, regally. Some of these dead people […]

“So, Great Expectations” by James Creedon, London

topic: DREAMS medium: TEXT So, great expectations. I’m not a particularly imaginative person, so in pouring forth my thoughts on these two words for the next five minutes, I’ll take inspiration from a) Paris, b) my love life or lack thereof, and c) my job, which together probably account for […]